Sculp 2021

One world. One kite.

  • New Hybrid Delta Bow shape
  • Versatile all-around performer
  • New short eight point fixed bridle
  • Fine tuned for kiteloops
  • Extremely stable and predictable
  • Direct & responsive steering
  • Easy relaunch

Package content:

  • Sculp kite
  • Kitebackpack
  • Small repair kit
  • User manual

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The new 2021 Sculp is an accessible do-it-all kite with a sporty feel. A true allround performer across all disciplines. Whether you like old school, freestyle, kite loops, big air or foil, the new Sculp will deliver. 

Brand new Hybrid Delta Bow shape takes advantage of both worlds and results in the most versatile and easy to use kite we ever made. Light at the bar with a very intuitive feel, gradual pull and large depower. 

With a brand new eight point short fixed bridle the Sculp is fine tuned for kite loops. It turns quick with a small turning radius, good tension in the lines, and a nice catch after a kite loop. Combining the new shape and bridle, the Sculp offers good amounts of pop, drift, and slack in the lines for unhooking. 

Ever evolving lighter and stronger construction with hi-tech European manufacturing result in breathtaking performance and long lasting durability. 

The 2021 Sculp – One world, one kite.

Información adicional

Add Pump

Yes, No

Add Sick Bar

Yes, No

Kite size

7m, 9m