Footstraps Hexa II LTD / Neon

80,75 IVA incluido

Unlimited adjustability

Does not fit 2015 CrazyFly boards and older.

Can only be used with Hexa Footpads.

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The Hexa Footstrap offers the perfect balance between support and comfort. While the strap was designed quite sturdy to provide the much needed foot support, our designers used the most comfortable materials and extra layers of cushioning on the inside of the strap. Premium neoprene and dual density EVA cushioning create the most comfortable feel and snug fit. This footstrap offers a wide range of adjustments of the footstrap size, which can be easily and quickly made. The Hexa Footstrap can be adjusted on four points to accommodate all foot sizes and shapes. The range of adjustability also allows for comfortable use of neoprene boots.